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ASML Day at NCKU, the first stop of ASML Innovation Experience Vehicle

ASML Holding NV, the world’s biggest semiconductor equipment supplier, launched its first-ever “ASML Day” recruitment campaign with National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), the leading university in Southern Taiwan on the 10th at the Future Venue of the NCKU Shengli campus. The ASML Innovation Experience Vehicle, which was specially designed for the recruitment drive, made its public debut at ASML Day and was parked in front of the Future Venue on the NCKU Shengli campus. This Innovation Experience Vehicle features an AR (augmented reality) interactive experience that brought advanced semiconductor process equipment to the university campus, giving young students a glimpse of the precision equipment and innovative technology.


The recruitment event was targeted at NCKU students majoring in science, engineering and electrical engineering as well as business administration. A number of ASML staff who have graduated from NCKU were invited to participate in a group discussion with students in groups of 10. A second-year student surnamed Hu who is studying for an MSc in mechanical engineering said that the discussion, different from the lecture-style activities in the department, was more approachable and he asked about the actual work and career development, which was very helpful to him.


A foreign student from India, Kunal Kumar, who is about to receive his PhD in Sept this year, attended a recruitment campaign for the first time and was most concerned about the interface between his studies and a career at ASML and was given initial responses during the session.


A talent hunt is in full swing in the technology industry, and NCKU graduates have long been recognized the favorite of businesses, making the university a magnet for all major companies. According to ASML, the company would recruit 600 engineers in Taiwan this year in view of the expansion of its business and the nation's semiconductor strength, and expects to have more than 3,400 employees in Taiwan by the end of this year.


ASML Taiwan and Southeast Asia Human Resources Director Liu Po-ling indicated that “With TSMC's expansion in Tainan, ASML, as an important partner of TSMC, is looking to recruit 600 people this year and would like to extend a warm welcome to NCKU graduates.”


For freshmen to learn more about ASML's advanced lithography and exclusive EUV (extreme ultraviolet) lithography machines, ASML has created an "ASML Innovation Experience Vehicle," which would tour around all university campuses in Taiwan in March and April to unravel the key EUV innovations through an interactive AR experience. The first stop of the ASML Innovation Experience Vehicle was in front of the Future Venue at NCKU's Shengli campus for two days (10th and 11th).


Visitors to the ASML Innovation Experience Vehicle can get a glimpse of the interior of the multi-billion-dollar EUV equipment, including the three principal modules of optics, photomasks and wafer carriers, through a mobile device. Visitors would also be able to learn more about ASML's innovative technology through interactive games, videos and guided tours inside the vehicle, ahead of joining ASML.


Headquartered in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, ASML is a strategic partner in the development of advanced processes for the global semiconductor industry and is the world's largest semiconductor equipment supplier with the largest market capitalization in the world. ASML is listed on both the European and NASDAQ stock exchanges, employs over 28,000 people worldwide and has 60 subsidiaries and manufacturing sites in 16 countries and regions. ASML's main products are core lithography equipment used in the production of large-scale integrated circuits.




ASML’s “Innovation Experience Vehicle" debuts in front of the Future Venue of NCKU on the 10th.