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In response to the ever-changing world, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) is actively involved in the transformation of its industry-academia collaboration business. In August 2020, NCKU established the Innovation Headquarters for Industry-Academia, which includes the Startup Accelerator, the Center for Corporate Relations and Technology Transfer, the Aerospace Science and Technology Research Center, and the office of General Affairs and Industry Liaison Office, in addition to the affiliated centers under the Innovation Headquarters. Professor Chuang, Woei-Jer,  Vice President of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), serves as the Director of Innovation Headquarters;  Professor Li, Yong-chun of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, serves as the head of Office of Joint Research Centers.



Center for Corporate Relations and Technology Transfer

In the past, Cheng Kung University's Center for Corporate Relations and Technology Transfer has mostly looked for possible industry-academia collaboration opportunities based on the technologies or teams taught on campus. Now, Cheng Kung University's Center for Corporate Relations and Technology Transfer has upgraded to Industry-Academia Collaboration 2.0, incorporating corporate relations to help solve the needs of corporations and achieve two-way industry-academia collaboration.

general affairs

Office of General Affairs

The office of General Affairs of the Innovation Headquarters for Industry-Academia is responsible for auditing, legal affairs, human resources, information, procurement, finance, and general affairs. The human resources and administrative affairs of the original Research Headquarter are incorporated into this division.


Industry Liaison Office

The main tasks of the Industry Liaison Office of the Innovation Headquarters for Industry-Academia are to promote the business of other centers, international linkages, marketing promotion, joint research projects, etc.


Office of Technology Commercialization

Since 2011, NCKU has invested in the counseling of innovative businesses on campus. In order to enhance the operational efficiency of innovative businesses, NCKU has established the Office of Technology Commercialization under the Innovation Headquarters for Industry-Academia to assist campus innovative teams in developing their businesses into new ventures.